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About Water Science 

We love water! Since 1991, Water Science has shared this love of water with over 10,000 residents in Summit and Wasatch County. Water is our passion and we have wanted all of our neighbors to experience pure and soft water on a daily basis. Not only is pure and soft water good for your appliances, it is great for your health and the environment. We have been helping residents of Summit and Wasatch County understand the importance of pure and soft water in their daily lives. 

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What’s the difference between Water Science systems and everyone else’s?


Problems with Conventional Water Softeners Water Science Solutions
Salt bridging Our systems use a soft water brine combined with a salt grid to eliminate salt bridging
Salt tank overflow Our system’s safety float prevents accidental salt tank overflow
Low flow rates Our systems have high flow rates for that long hot shower
High salt and water usage Our systems use a highly efficient regeneration cycle that uses very little water and salt
Loss of programming during and after power failure Our systems are equipped with automatic computer back-up which maintains all settings even during power outages
Fouling of resin caused by iron and sediment Our system’s double backwash cycle helps prevent resin from becoming fouled
Fixed reserve cannot compensate for fluctuations in water use Our system’s variable reserve adapts to changes in water use
Bacteria growth during periods of nonuse Our systems meter override automatically senses periods of non-use and initiates a cleaning cycle
Short term warranties Lifetime Warranties on most systems


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Projects Performed by Water Science


Park City Ice Arena

The Park City Municipal Corporation selected Water Science to design and install a water treatment system to improve the water quality for ice making at the Park City Ice Arena. Purified water creates a higher quality ice surface and significantly reduces maintenance and energy costs. The result is ice with a harder, faster and better texture than ice made with municipal water without additional treatment.

By treating the municipal water with a water softener, carbon filter, a series of pre-filters and a reverse osmosis system, 95% of the minerals and other impurities are removed. Using pure water for ice making prevents a buildup of minerals at the surface during the freezing process. The ice is more resistant to chipping, severe gouging and general snow buildup. Reverse osmosis water also makes a much clearer ice. This clear ice is ideal for in-ice advertising and is more aesthetically pleasing.


Alpine Distillery, Park City Brewery, High West Distillery

Experts know that pure water makes the best spirits and beer. Water Science, water softener Park City, was commissioned to design and install water purification systems for several of our local Park City distillers and brewers.


World Heart Corporation, Salt Lake City, Utah

Water Science, water softener Park City, designed and installed a complete water purification system for this innovative manufacturer of ventricular assist devices (heart valves), resulting in a significant cost savings over the purchase of pharmaceutical grade water in small expensive packages.


Department of Agriculture: Navajo Mountain Water Supply

Water Science, water softener Park City, was contracted by the Natural Resources Conservation Services, a division of the Department of Agriculture, to engineer a small water treatment system for the Indian Reservation located at Navajo Mountain.


Private Farms, Green River, Utah

Green River, Utah has some of the hardest water in the nation. Understandably, several landowners were frustrated and cautious when, after considerable expense, other companies failed to properly specify the correct water treatment equipment. Water Science was vetted and subsequently chosen by State Agencies who provided grants to the landowners to treat their water.

Due to the large amount of NaCl (salt) required to exchange the hardness minerals, standard water softeners were not efficient enough to treat the well water. Water Science employed Nano-Filtration Technology eliminating the requirement for water softeners upstream of reverse osmosis membranes. Through a combination of Multi-Media Filtration, Iron Removal, Selective Membrane Technology, and an Ultra Violet System Water Science was able to produce bottled-water-quality purified water.

Our successful treatment of this problematic water has earned Water Science, water softener Park City, the reputation as the “go to company” for water treatment in this picturesque region.


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Water Science is located in Park City, Utah. We love the beauty that surrounds us throughout Park City, Midway, and Heber City. The only downside to these areas is the water that we consume on a daily basis. Park City in particular is notorious for water quality challenges due to its mining history. To filter the heavy metal and contaminants in their water, over 10,000 customers have chosen Water Science as their water treatment solutions company since 1991.

The water softeners and reverse osmosis systems at Water Science are specifically designed for our local water conditions in Summit and Wasatch Counties. For over 30 years, we have been servicing these counties with the highest quality systems available. Rather than purchasing cheap equipment from the plumber’s supply store so we can beat everyone’s price, we are committed to selling the best-performing products that exceed our customer’s expectations.

We provide our customers with service and maintenance support comparable to that of the manufacturers of the systems we sell. Our skilled technicians have the experience needed to properly install and precisely program water softeners for high flow and maximum salt and water savings. We install a complete water softener and reverse osmosis systems to code using proper plumbing materials to eliminate galvanic corrosion, a widespread problem in Park City due to the high electrical conductance of the water and all too common misuse of dissimilar metals.

Water Science has over 10,000 customers throughout Park City, Summit County, and Wasatch County. In all likelihood, your neighbor is a satisfied customer of Water Science! We are the most referred water treatment solutions company in Summit and Wasatch County amongst residents, property managers, home builders, and other contractors.