Water Science is a full service water treatment company based in Park City, Utah. We offer a complete line of water softeners, reverse osmosis water purification systems, and whole house water treatment systems. We also specialize in well water treatment and treating complex water conditions.

The water in Summit and Wasatch County is very hard. It leaves unsightly mineral deposits on dishes, glasses, and plumbing fixtures. It dries out the skin and scalp. Laundry washed in hard water comes out stiff, scratchy, and dingy. Over time, the buildup of hard water scales in pipes and appliances quickly ruins them and boosts energy costs.

The cost of a water softener will pay for itself in maintenance savings on plumbing fixtures alone, not to mention the many benefits of soft water such as cleaner dishes, easier household cleaning, and softer skin and hair.

Tap water cannot always be considered safe. Even water that may taste fine may still contain contaminants. A reverse osmosis system will produce great tasting purified drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water and is much more convenient. A reverse osmosis can also be connected to the ice maker to make crystal clear ice.

Water Science has been solving water related problems in Summit and Wasatch County since 1991.


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Our History

C J Eccher founded Water Science in 1991. Ever since C J was a young kid living near the Catskill Mountains in New York along the east branch of the Delaware River, he loved the water. The water he grew up next to supplied his drinking water. Although he did not understand the water chemistry at the time, he knew the water was pure and soft. It was not until after some technical schooling that C J learned that water purity was measured at around 20 parts per million, which is similar to that of a reverse osmosis system under your sink.

C J’s obsession with pure water was apparent as a scuba diver at West Point and as a masters student at UC Davis, where C J studied limnology, which is the study of fresh water. Shortly after finishing up school at UC Davis, C J travelled to Park City where he pursued his passion for skiing. As a Park City resident, C J learned first hand about the water quality challenges unique to our area. With his understanding of water, chemistry, and science, C J was eager to build a water treatment company that focused more on water quality than on selling traditional water treatment systems. Out of this mission, Water Science was born.

Our love for pure, softened water continues to drive Water Science’s mission to bring the highest quality water to all residents of Summit and Wasatch County.


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The Water Science Difference

30 years ago when Water Science was only C J, nearly everybody in Park City knew C J. He felt like a local celebrity at Albertsons because he would run into customers all the time. Those who did not know C J would quickly learn about him when they asked for a water softener or a reverse osmosis system. Park City and the surrounding cities have grown significantly since the beginning, but Water Science is part of the “Keep it PC” community and is known throughout Summit and Wasatch County as the premier water treatment solutions company.

Although we no longer see our customers on a weekly basis like C J did in the early years, we stay in touch with every one of our customers on an annual basis. As the population has grown, so has Water Science’s customer base. We embrace the family and friendly vibe from the early days of Water Science and treat every current and new customer as part of our ever growing family.

The Water Science family consists of over 10,000 people throughout Summit and Wasatch County. We call each customer we work with family because the customer is entrusting us with the most consumed element in their home, water. If we would not install a particular water softener or reverse osmosis in our home, we would not do so in yours. Every member of the Water Science family matters to us and we want to ensure that the quality of water treatment solution meets your needs and our standard of quality.


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Environmental Stewardship

As members of the Summit and Wasatch County community, we understand our responsibility to conserve, protect, and cherish our area’s water.

Water is especially vital in Utah’s climate and we are committed to responsible water use and preservation. Every water softener and reverse osmosis system installed has been constructed not only to provide the desired softening and purity, but also to support environmental sustainability.


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Areas We Service

Summit County

  • Summit Park
  • Silver Summit
  • Kimball Junction
  • Atkinson
  • Rockport
  • Peoa
  • Oakley
  • Marion
  • Kamas
  • Francis
  • Park City
  • Snyderville
  • Wanship
  • Jeremy Ranch

Wasatch County

  • Heber City
  • Hideout
  • Deer Mountain
  • Midway
  • Charleston
  • Daniel
  • Center Creek
  • Interlaken
  • Timber Lakes

No matter where you are in Summit or Wasatch County, give Water Science a call at 435-649-7154 to find out if we are able to install and service in your area. If we are unable to service your water needs, ask for references. No matter what, we want to make sure that you have the best water available whether we provide it or another water treatment solution provides it.


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