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Providing Tailored Water Treatment Solutions for Park City, Summit and Wasatch Counties since 1991

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You already know that there are chemicals in your water that shouldn’t be there. Realistically water should be water just H20. It shouldn’t contain PFAS (Forever Chemicals), Arsenic, Heavy Metals, Chlorine, etc.

You have an expectation that the municipality is taking care of your water – they aren’t! Besides, what you put into your body shouldn’t be determined by what is mandated by the EPA. Your health is affected by what your body absorbs through the water. It isn’t just what you drink, it is what you bathe in, the steam from your shower and what you use to cook.

Based right here in Park City, Utah, Water Science specializes in trusted water treatment solutions. With over 10,000 satisfied customers since 1991, we address water quality challenges unique to Park City, Summit County, and Wasatch County. Our tailored water softeners and reverse osmosis systems are designed for local conditions. Our experts can come out and test your water to provide a custom solution to help return your water to its pure state.

Feel Better

Take minerals through your diet - not through your water. Improve your health by improving your water

Peace of Mind

Know what is going into your body. We do a full test of your water before we start so that we know that our systems are restoring it to it's pure state.


Luxurious taste everywhere from a your morning cup of coffee to a fresh glass of ice water. Water that feels better on your skin, hair and in your mouth.

Experience our top-quality products and exceptional service

The very best service! They reminded us of a yearly service…then scheduled it at a most convenient time…then completed the service cleanly and efficiently. I love this system. The water tastes like it come from an artesian well

The very best service! They reminded us of a yearly service…then scheduled it at a most convenient time…then completed the service cleanly and efficiently. I love this system. The water tastes like it come from an artesian well - JoAnn Ralphs - 5 Star Google Review

Good price, fast delivery, clean installation and informative instruction from a knowledgeable technician. Who could ask for more!!??

Scott Lowell 5 Star Google Review

I have nothing but great things to say about Water Science. From the moment I inquired with them, they have had excellent customer service and timely communication. Their team is professional and arrived on time for each appointment. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for water softening and filtration.

Keely Ng 5 Star Google Review

Highest Rated and Most Reviewed in Summit and Wasatch Counties

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Water Science is your Local, Full-Service Water Treatment Company

Experience healthier water that is consistently better tasting, cleaner and purer.

We love water! Since 1991, Water Science has shared this love of water with over 10,000 residents in Summit and Wasatch County. Water is our passion and we have wanted all of our neighbors to experience pure and soft water on a daily basis. Not only is pure and soft water good for your appliances, it is great for your health and the environment. We have been helping residents of Summit and Wasatch County understand the importance of pure and soft water in their daily lives. 

Services and Products We Offer:

Remove Contaminants Such As:


Forever Chemicals are a group of chemicals that are do not break down over time. They last forever and are likely in your body already. The bad news is that they build up in your body over time so that your body get more and more as you continue to take them in. The good news is that they don’t stay in your body forever and so if you slow down or stop your exposure to them, the levels can reduce over time.

One of the primary ways that you take forever chemicals in is through water. By eliminating these and other substances found in your water, you can reduce their harmful affects.

The video is from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) – a group that helps educate about the dangers of PFAS and other contaminants.

All water treatment equipment has parts that need to be replaced regularly so that they continue to work properly.

Most of us are busy and can forget to change them at the proper intervals. Water Science can help by making sure your systems are always up to date!

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