At Water Science, we are consistently asked about servicing a water softener or a reverse osmosis system. Water Science, water softener Park City, will service equipment every 6 to 12 months depending on the type of equipment installed. When we install your equipment we will discuss with you the importance of servicing your equipment yourself and with a Water Science technician. We care about the quality of your water and want to ensure that it remains pure and soft. If you see a change in your water prior to our scheduled servicing date, please do not hesitate to call. It is always better to treat and service than to wait and repair.

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Below are the services that we offer to everyone who reaches out to Water Science, water softener Park City.

Service Information


Maintenance Program for Water Softening Systems

Hard water leaves unsightly mineral deposits on dishes, glasses and plumbing fixtures. It dries the skin and scalp. Laundry washed in hard water comes out stiff, scratchy and dingy. Moreover, the buildup of hard water scale in pipes and appliances quickly ruins them and boosts energy costs. The cost of a water softener will pay for itself in maintenance savings alone, not to mention the many benefits of soft water such as cleaner dishes, easier household cleaning and healthier skin and hair.

What maintenance is needed?

The manufacturer recommends that your softener be professionally serviced to include a resin cleaning at least annually. At the same time, a technician can test the water and check the softener settings to ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible.


Why do you need to do resin cleaning?

Your water supply may contain high amounts of ferric iron and other sediment that can foul the resin beads inside your water softener. These contaminants are not completely removed during normal regeneration and will accumulate over time. Without regular resin cleanings the water softener will not work as efficiently. Additionally, clogged components reduce the lifespan of your system.


What is the customer’s maintenance responsibility?

We recommend that customers fill the brine tank with pellet salt or potassium and then check the salt level every 2-3 months. After installation, we will let you know when salt or potassium should be added to the brine tank. The manufacturer also recommends the use of pellet salt or potassium. Pellets are generally cleaner and are less prone to forming a salt bridge.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System Maintenance Program

Tap water cannot always be considered safe. Even water that may taste fine may still contain contaminants. A reverse osmosis water purification system will produce great tasting, purified drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water and is far more convenient and environmentally friendly.

Your Reverse Osmosis needs to be serviced every 6 to 12 months depending on use. In addition, the system should be sanitized once per year according to the procedure in the manual. Even if the system has not been used much, it is still very important to have the system serviced at least annually.

If your system is equipped with a water quality monitor button, this button only tests the R/O membrane and not the sediment and carbon filters. Even though the light is still green you still must change the sediment and carbon filters every 6 to 12 months.


Why do you need to have your filters changed?

The reverse osmosis system contains components that are critical for the effective reduction of Total Dissolved Solids. These components, by the very nature of the process involved, have a finite life span. By servicing your reverse osmosis every 6 to 12 months our technicians can ensure the system is performing satisfactorily. Compliance with operational, maintenance, and component replacement requirements is essential for your drinking water system to perform as specified. Failure to change the pre-filters can lead to premature damage of the membrane, which is the most expensive to replace.

Other Services Offered by Water Science, water softener Park City:


Water Testing

If you are interested in learning about the quality of water from a home or well, you can drop off a water sample or we can pick up the water sample. If you are planning to drop off the water sample, place the water in a dried water bottle and write your address and name.



We can repair and service all makes and models at your home or in our office. Give us a call at 435-649-7154. We will come out and diagnose the problem and explain the solution. In some cases, we will have to dismantle pieces in order to figure out the problem. Depending on the age and condition of your system, it may be more beneficial to replace than to fix.


Sanitizing Household Plumbing

Water Science, water softener Park City, has treated multiple homes where the plumbing system has become contaminated with bacteria. Symptoms of certain types of bacteria include a foul, hydrogen sulfide or “rotten egg” odor and black water upon opening a faucet. In almost all cases, the bacteria grew in homes that remained unoccupied for several months. We can evaluate the severity of the situation, test for bacteria and take the remedial action necessary to eliminate the problem.


Well Water Treatment

Water Science, water softener Park City, is the “go to” company for well water treatment. Our water analysis program ensures you “do it right the first time.” Complex water conditions require the expertise of water treatment professionals.



Let Water Science, water softener Park City, help you make an informed decision on the correct water treatment for your home or office. Recently, there has been a proliferation of “alternative” water conditioning systems and so called no salt or electronic water treatment devices and even magnets and citrus systems. Much of the information can be confusing, contradictory and oftentimes misleading. Do your own research but then let our resident Water Scientist or other water treatment specialist help you choose the best system for your application.

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