What are our clients saying about us?

Water Science, water softener Park City, is the most referred water softener and reverse osmosis installer in Summit and Wasatch County amongst residents, property managers, HOA managers, and contractors. We strive to go the extra mile and ensure that you are receiving the best product and service that we offer. The water you drink should be of the highest quality and we at Water Science, water softener Park City, want you to experience soft, pure water.

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Courteous, prompt, above and beyond. I hadn’t used Water Science in quite some time. Ryan and Leo were able to complete a much longer job than was anticipated by staying much longer than the usual “end of day”. They did it all with a smile and explaining what they recommended. Because of this, a simple service job turned into a big sale for your company. I should have called you first and will recommend WS in the future.
Karen T. of Park City

The technicians did a great job, really went the extra mile with all they did, very happy.

I’m so impressed, they really went above and beyond. Very professional, charming and even called after to make sure everything was working okay.

How wonderful, your technicians take the time to go over everything, they are thorough and they make sure the customer is happy when they leave.
Ian & Arlene

I have loved your product for over 5+ years and I do not want to live without it. I have the full house filtration and under sink water pump and salt system. I respect what you do and I trust your product and work. I trust your water and how essential water is.
Sarah from Hideout, Utah

I’ve been a loyal customer of Water Science for my water filtration and water softening needs for the last few years. My experience with Ann, when I call, and Reiner, who comes to do the servicing of the equipment, has been nothing but extraordinary since day one. They’ve set a standard of service that I am impressed with beyond belief.

Ann is always perfectly professional and willing to do anything to try to set up something that will fit my schedule and needs best. Her phone demeanor is exemplary.
Reiner has been my service technician each time I’ve had someone come out. I never want anyone else to touch my water softener (that he installed many years ago) or filters ever again. As a mathematician and physicist, his technical and product knowledge and the way he delivers said knowledge to the customer blows me away. He is more than willing to talk about what he is doing and why, and will explain it on my level (he should teach a lesson on how to read your audience before relaying information to others). He’s a hard worker, and his behavior in the household from the second he steps in, to the second he steps out is impeccable in every way. He even takes the time to remember details about me and my wife that we shared with him when talking on previous appointments, a quality seldom seen in today’s day and age of social media reminders. He is courteous to a fault, and his positive attitude is almost infectious. I’m truly impressed by him, and it’s worth noting that there are very few people I can say that about.

I’ve never taken the time to write a review unsolicited for anything in my life, but these two deserve recognition beyond the shadow of a doubt.
Thank you so much for the exceptional experience all these years. With Ann answering our calls and Reiner coming out to service (or replace) our equipment, I look forward to being a loyal customer for many more years to come.

Alex B. of Park City

Reiner is absolutely phenomenal, absolutely great, methodical, pleasant, professional, kind, answered questions, took his time, I couldn’t be more pleased. Please recognize & reward him, you have a great employee.
Mark G. of Park City

“Marten was the tech for the Horners today, he was super professional and did a great job on both their systems! He fixed the water softner and took the time to check there drinking water system! We decided to change the filters and he took the time to explain how to drain the system so when Horner’s arrive at their house they have fresh drinking water! So thanks again for sending him to us!”

Renée Campbell. Property Manager for Horner's Property

What a pleasure it was doing business with Water Science, from start to finish. The whole experience was delightfully easy and effective. Nice company.

Thanks again for following up on our RO system and completing the job to our satisfaction. We were very impressed with your dedication to a quality outcome for your customers. Nice job!
Tom & Eileen

Thanks to your guys, they were very clean, quick and very helpful. I didn’t expect the ‘clean’ part, I was very surprised.

So pleased to see Reiner, he called ahead, arrived right on time, was alert and awake, articulate, terrific, knowledgeable. Anne was most nice in accommodating and getting me scheduled. As an aging veteran, Water Science is the most reputable and professional company in Park City. We are and always will be the most faithful customers, grateful for how you’ve solved our water issues over the years.
Mark from Pinebrook in Park City, Utah

Water Science is a boutique business and doesn’t try to be everything to everyone. The constant focus is on “less is better” and hiring and retaining only an “A-Team” of the right people. The Company is a lean organization and a Company maxim is “Our strength comes from our small size”. Corbin was great. Very nice, informative, and efficient. Please let the powers that be know that we are exceptionally happy with the work he did and the education he provided on the water softening equipment and RO filtration.

Reiner did such a great job here, he talked to me and to my husband and explained everything so well, thank you so much for taking care of us over the years & for Reiner
Jill G. of Park City

Just wanted to commend Reiner. Want you to know how good he is, he’s the best Technician that we ever had! Very knowledgeable and professional, he’s great! I will definitely recommend him to my friends! Pls. tell your Manager too. Thank you!”
Laura F. of Park City

15 years in Park Meadows where the water is hard or heavy metal laden and the homes were built at a different time without benefit of science. Reiner of Water Science gave us professional guidance and appropriate installation back in the day. Conditioner for the home and RO for the sink. 15 years later, it all still works like magic.
When a situation occurs, Reiner is on time, professional, low key and no drama. Reliable and reasonable. If Water Science makes you wait to get Reiner, wait. He is the best.
Deb of Park City

Thank you so very much. Also, please let CJ know that the two young men who installed the system were perfect as far as courtesy and efficiency. I will look forward to seeing them again when we finish the install. I will let you know as soon as the new sink is installed so that we may proceed.
Pam and Vince M. of Park City

“Marten was marvelous. He called ahead, Gehenna worked around my schedule, he was reliable, knowledgeable and thorough. He explained everything he did. He went above and beyond.” 

Tommy Tanzer

Why do residents, property managers, HOA managers, and contractors choose to work with Water Science, water softener Park City?

Water Science, water softener Park City, seeks to provide an exceptional experience for everyone we interact with. It starts with the initial conversation about your water treatment needs. Through this first interaction, we discuss what your needs are and how a water softener or reverse osmosis can benefit you and those in your household. We will describe in detail the product and the installation process, allowing you to ask questions and obtain the appropriate information you need to make a confident decision.

Once you engage with Water Science, water softener Park City, the next step is to schedule an installation appointment. We guarantee to show up on time and install correctly the first time. Those we have worked with love that we are reliable! During the installation, we will address any questions that you may have and explain to you how to properly care for your water softener and reverse osmosis. Ultimately, if you ever have a question, we are just a phone call away.

Every 6-12 months, we will come to your home and service the water softener and/or the reverse osmosis systems. We understand that life is busy. As such, allowing Water Science, water softener Park City, to service your water softener and/or reverse osmosis will ensure that your water remains softened and pure for the foreseeable future!

Our goal is to give you the water you deserve!