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Based in Park City, Utah, Water Science specializes in trusted water treatment solutions. With over 10,000 satisfied customers since 1991, we address water quality challenges unique to Park City, Summit County, and Wasatch County. Our tailored water softeners and reverse osmosis systems are designed for local conditions. Experience our top-quality products and exceptional service.

Water Science is the most trusted and referred provider by residents, property managers, builders, and contractors throughout the area. Choose Water Science for reliable water treatment solutions.

Top Referred Water Treatment Company amongst Residents, Property Managers, HOA Communities, and Home Builders in Park City and Heber City

Experience Water That Is Consistently:
Better Tasting & Healthier

We Install:
Water Purification Systems
Water Softening Systems
Water Filtration Systems
No Salt Water Conditioner Systems

We Provide:
Water System Maintenance
Water Testing & Analysis
Well Water Treatment

About Water Science 

We love water! Since 1991, Water Science has shared this love of water with over 10,000 residents in Summit and Wasatch County. Water is our passion and we have wanted all of our neighbors to experience pure and soft water on a daily basis. Not only is pure and soft water good for your appliances, it is great for your health and the environment. We have been helping residents of Summit and Wasatch County understand the importance of pure and soft water in their daily lives. 

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30 Years as Utah’s Preferred Water Treatment Solution.

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What’s the difference between Water Science systems and everyone else’s?


Problems with Conventional Water Softeners Water Science Solutions
Salt bridging Soft water brine combined with a salt grid to eliminate salt bridging
Salt tank overflow Safety float prevents accidental salt tank overflow
Low flow rates High flow rates for that long hot shower
High salt and water usage Highly efficient regeneration cycle that uses very little water and salt
Loss of programming during and after power failure Equipped with automatic computer back-up which maintains all settings even during power outages
Fouling of resin caused by iron and sediment Double backwash cycle helps prevent resin from becoming fouled
Fixed reserve cannot compensate for fluctuations in water use Variable reserve adapts to changes in water use
Bacteria growth during periods of nonuse Meter override automatically senses periods of non-use and initiates a cleaning cycle
Limited warranties 5-year warranty on all systems


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