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The Ultimate High Efficiency reverse osmosis water purification system by Water Science combines sediment and carbon filtration with reverse osmosis technology to create that pure drinking water that you want and need.

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Why Water Science?

Besides being the highest and most reviewed in Summit and Wasatch Counties, we only work with reverse osmosis filters customers can trust. Below are the primary reasons why homeowners choose the Ultimate High Efficiency reverse osmosis system over the standard reverse osmosis system:

  • Saves 4 times the water of conventional reverse osmosis systems
  • Generates up to 75 gallons per day
  • The Ultimate High Efficiency maintains high water pressure to accommodate refrigerators, ice makers and multiple spigots
  • Fills holding tanks up to five times faster than conventional reverse osmosis systems
  • Pre-filters are less likely to get clogged since they use less water.
  • Thin Layer Composite Membrane
  • A free total dissolved solids meter. This meter is a convenient tool to instantly check your overall water quality
  • Leak Detection System
  • And more!

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We are the Highest and Most Reviewed Water Softener Company in Summit and Wasatch Counties!


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